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Hi, I'm Garrett.

Born & raised in the PNW, love finding hip coffee shops, never watched Game of Thr...

Wait, this isn't a dating app!


I'll get straight to the point. If you were just looking for someone to take pictures you could ask uncle Mike to grab his iPad and be set. My number one goal is to cultivate an environment that allows you to loosen up, laugh a little, and truly celebrate. Because if you feel like you're celebrating, you'll look like you're celebrating. The pictures will follow, and I will likely be geeking out over the last shot!

If you feel like you're celebrating, you'll look like you're celebrating!


Here's what you can expect...

1.     Meet for Coffee - I'll Buy (FaceTime & Zoom work great too!)

2.     Decide on a pricing package & iron out logistics

3.     Schedule all the things!

4.     Meet for Engagement Photos - preview delivered in 3 days

5.     Quick check-in call 2 weeks prior to wedding day

Rest well knowing everything's in order for your big day!

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